Joostenbergvlakte Duck Farm

Joostenbergvlakte Duck Farm – The Duck Farm is a family owned and operated farm situated in Joostenbergvlakte near Cape Town. Although The Duck Farm name has only been in use since 1993, duck farming already started on the farm way back in 1964. Initially, the farm was known as Boland Ducks and owned by Dr Brock. Through the years the farm has changed ownership a couple of times, but has been in the capable hands of the Groeneveld family since 2008. Leon Groeneveld started his working career in consulting civil engineering after completing his studies in Pretoria. At the age of 27, he decided to make a career change to financial planning and built up his practice.

After 20 years in the financial industry, he sold the business in November 2008 and relocated to Stellenbosch where he bought The Duck Farm. Leon’s wife, Lorenza Groeneveld, studied sport science in Pretoria and was employed as a teacher for 3 years before taking on the most difficult job of all – becoming a full-time mom. Today, all members of the Groeneveld family are involved in The Duck Farm’s operations in some form or another. From the sons working on the farm during the university holidays to the daughters doing promotions at retail stores over weekends. Even when not physically working on the farm, the family is always consulted to give their opinion or comment on the taste of new products before reaching the market. The eldest son, a qualified Industrial Engineer, also conducts work for The Duck Farm on a consultation basis, when required.

Originally, The Duck Farm only offered whole frozen duck, but as of June 2012, the farm also started supplying fresh duck to clients. The Duck Farm has subsequently added other products to their range, with plans to add even more as time goes on. The Duck Farm as it stands today encompasses different and a wide variety of activities that form part of the production process.

The Duck Farm
Address: 51 Kiewiet Street, Joostenbergvlakte
Tel: 021 988 4050
Tel: 021 987 7835
Fax: 021 988 4039
GPS coordinates: 33°49’24.4″S, 18°43’28.4″E
Office hours: Mon – Fri: 08:00 to 17h00

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